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Joseph Khouri, CPA Auditor


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5250 Decarie Blvd
Suite 700
Montreal, Quebec, H3X 3Z6

T: (514) 487-1566, extension 4466
F: (514) 488-5145
E: jkhouri@levypilotte.com



audit and assurance, advisory services, mediation and negotiation, merger and acquisition, transfer between generations and estate planning.


Mr. Khouri started his career in the private sector, where he gained an acute sense of business. A graduate from UQAM, he pursued a career in public accountancy at Levy Pilotte. Eight years later, he was promoted to partner.

He is an expert in assurance as well an ace negotiator. He has a passion for helping his clients. Teamwork is the best way to achieve success. Clients come from many different fields, as he is knowledgeable in real estate, construction, retail, manufacturing and the food sector. The diversity of his work is what he loves the most about at Levy Pilotte. He appreciates the feeling of belonging that is shared throughout the firm.

He is a man of principles who loves to help others while discovering the world. Some of his many passions are reading, taking long walks and cycling. He is an optimist who lives in accordance with the quote from the world famous Walt Disney: “If you can dream it, you can do it”.