Auditing and Assurance

The rigorous quality, independence and objectivity of our audits give your financial statements the credibility they need to convey your financial information to financial institutions, investors and any other business partners.


When planning an audit, our professionals begin by gaining a clear understanding of your enterprise, identifying and assessing the important risks involved in order to respond to each in a very precise manner. This risk-based approach makes it possible to implement audit procedures specific to your enterprise and thus, to carry out a more efficient audit. 

Review engagement 

A review engagement gives your financial statements a relevant level of assurance. With integrity and competence, our professionals certify the plausibility of your financial data, which allows the readers of the financial statements to take the appropriate decisions. 

Other assurance engagements 

Our experts can produce special reports to meet regulatory requirements or requests for government grants. These special reports can also deal with the common costs of a rental property, royalties, gross sales, etc. 

Quality control 

All of our audit and special reports are subject to review by our quality control department, which ensures the adherence of Canadian auditing and accounting standards as well as the uniformity of our internal processes. 

Assurance engagements for your subsidiary 

Our affiliation with DFK International gives us the necessary reach to meet the audit and assurance needs of an enterprise with subsidiaries or divisions elsewhere in Canada or on the international scene. 

For an expertly conducted audit or assurance engagement of your financial information, contact out team below.

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