A fundamental principle of tax laws states that individuals have the right to organize their affairs to minimize the amount of tax payable. Although the law requires us to pay our taxes, it allows us to take advantage of all the opportunities available to reduce the amount paid. Through swift and innovative tax planning, our qualified tax specialists make sure you take advantage of all existing possibilities.


Our experts are trained to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy tailored to the needs of each enterprise. Whether you need an annual tax return or a final declaration following the death of a family member or even company reorganization, our tax services ensure that all relevant aspects are fully examined. 

Levy Pilotte’s integrated taxation services go well beyond the simple handling of personal or corporate tax returns as required by tax laws. The services include:

  • Consumption taxes
  • American taxation (corporate and personal)
  • Estate planning and management
  • Estate freezes
  • Transfer pricing
  • Tax impact of mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax impact of partial or total sale of enterprise
  • Tax impact of intergenerational transfers
  • Family trusts
  • Tax credits for scientific research and development
  • Special mandates in taxation or sales taxes
  • Tax publications for keeping our clients up to date with the latest Canadian taxation developments

We can minimize your tax burden; contact us below to find out how.

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