University Recuitment

As a CPA candidate, you will have the opportunity to benefit from a recruitment process overseen by your professional order, participating training offices and student CPA committees. This process will allow you to explore available internship possibilities almost a year before the end of your bachelor program, that is, one year before the beginning of your vocational training program (VTP). 
Are you a CPA candidate? An internship at a recognized training office such as Levy Pilotte offers you a host of benefits:
  • A multicultural, bilingual and human scaled environment where you will be unique!
  • Diversified mandates, a clientele centralized in Montreal and a diversity of activity sectors.
  • A coaching approach, mentoring by competent CPAs and career opportunities
  • A sense of belonging and surpassing oneself
We have the know-how to expand your possibilities
Levy Pilotte will provide you with the appropriate professional environment for achieving the following objectives:
  • Application and strengthening of theoretical knowledge and implementation of technical training
  • Exercise and development of judgment, initiative and skills
  • Development of the integrity and independence required by the profession
  • Ability to identify customer needs and to respond to them, as well as the capacity to cope with critical situations
  • Improvement of interpersonal communications and enhancement of professional competencies.

The ongoing communication that you will maintain with a diversified clientele and various business leaders during your internship will favour the achievement of all these objectives. The internship will also allow you to improve your interpersonal and professional skills, to confirm or establish your interest for one of the many facets of the profession and to make an enlightened choice regarding your career orientation.

To learn more about our assurance internship opportunities, please contact human resources at