About Us

Why Levy Pilotte

Why our clients choose us

Years of credibility and trust

Levy Pilotte fuses its heritage to updated know-how, adapted to your needs. 

We are recognized for the quality of our services, for the thoroughness and professionalism of our team and our integrated personalized service. 

Our credibility is built on:

  • Our history

  • Our continuity

  • Our technical expertise

  • Our emphasis on quality

  • Our integrated approach tailored for private enterprises

  • Our focus on superior customer service and added-value results

  • Our partnership with all 4 major Montreal universities

  • Our training office accreditation that develops excellent CPAs

A Montreal expertise 

As a partnership of eight partners and some fifty collaborators, Levy Pilotte is a wealth of expertise. 

Levy Pilotte reflects Montreal DNA as we share the same attraction factors: broad cultural diversity, knowledge base economy, openness onto the world and peaceful coexistence based on respect. 

Reap the rewards of out integrated approach!